Why do I get an error message when I try to record in Acoustica under Windows?

Why can't I record or playback audio in Acoustica?

Why do I get distorted audio during playback?

Why don't I see all my plug-ins after scanning on my Mac with an Apple Silicon Processor?

Why don't I see any of my plug-ins in the Plug-ins menu?

Sales and Authorization

Why is the Authorize button disabled after entering my license key?

Do you offer student or educational discounts?

Is there a promotional campaign running that would get me discounts on your products?


How do I get your plug-ins listed in Adobe Premiere?

How do I get your plug-ins listed in Adobe Audition?

Why doesn't the Acoustica ARA plug-in show up in the Audio menu in PreSonus Studio One?

Why does the Acoustica ARA plug-in show "The Acoustica ARA client requires an ARA2 compatible host application"?

Why can't I see my installed Acon Digital plug-ins in the EDIUS video editor?

Why can't I use the Acoustica ARA plug-in in Pro Tools now that AVID claim to support ARA2 plug-ins in Pro Tools?

I have downloaded and installed your plug-ins, but I cannot find them. How to I use them?

How can I get Remix' Stem outputs to work with my DAW

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