Restoration Suite 1.7 with Surround Support and Quality Improvements

We have updated our Restoration Suite for audio restoration work to version 1.7. Restoration Suite consists of four powerful tools for audio restoration work – DeNoise, DeHum, DeClick and DeClip. The latest version adds support for multi-channel formats such as 5.1 and 7.1 channel surround. Also new is the support for the VST3 plug-in standard. The de-clicker algorithm has been rewritten and improves both detection and reduction of clicks. There are individual controls for the reduction of crackle and clicks as well as for a new module that targets low frequency clicks. The latter effectively reduces thumps and plosives that are frequently encountered in vocal recordings made without an effective pop shield or severely scratched records.

DeClick from Acon Digital Restoration Suite 1.7

DeNoise has received several refinements as well – both in terms of audio quality and user interface. The attack and release time controls are now more effective when it comes to minimizing musical noise artifacts. Also new is the ability to store captured noise profiles in user presets. The spectrum analyzers in both DeNoise and DeHum are now interpolated and appear less jagged. All the plug-ins in the suite have received a visual facelift giving them a more polished look.

New Features

  • Supports multi-channel audio including 5.1 and 7.1 surround
  • Supports VST3
  • DeClick was rewritten from scratch and improves detection and interpolation
  • DeClick now reduces low frequency clicks like thumps and plosives
  • Improved quality in DeNoise when using longer attack and release times
  • Noise profiles are now included in DeNoise user presets
  • Spectrum analyzers in DeNoise and DeHum are now interpolated
  • UI theme visually improved

Acon Digital Restoration Suite is available for both Windows (PC) and OS X (Macintosh) for $99.90 (USD) from our online shop. Both 32 and 64 bit versions are available, and the plug-in formats AAX, VST, VST3 and Audio Units (OS X only) are supported. The update is free for all Restoration Suite customers.

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