Equalize 2 with new Tilt and Bandpass Filters Released

We have just released Equalize 2.0 and the new version of this versatile parametric equalizer plug-in includes two new filter types — tilt and bandpass. It now offers a total of eight different filters. Just like the previously available filters, both the tilt and bandpass filters offer the unique continuously adjustable filter slopes in the range 3 to 120 dB per octave.

Equalize 2 Screenshot

The visible frequency range of the equalizer curve can now be altered conveniently by dragging the edges of the frequency axis or moved by clicking and dragging the center. This makes it possible to zoom in on specific frequency ranges for more precise control. A new preferences page offers user settings such as analyzer resolution and user interface language. Another new feature is the optional piano keyboard display above the frequency axis. Band frequencies can easily be set to match a tone’s frequency by clicking the key on the piano keyboard.

New Features at a Glance

  • Two new filter types — tilt and bandpass filters
  • Adjustable frequency range in the equalizer curve editor
  • Optional piano keyboard display
  • EUCON and full Pro Tools HW controller support
  • New preferences page with spectrum analyzer, tooltip, language and piano roll settings.

Equalize 2 is available for $99.90 USD as of today from the our online store. Equalize 1.x customers are entitled to a free upgrade and the original license key is valid in version 2.