Acoustica Updated to Version 7.0.51

We have updated Acoustica to version 7.0.51. Most notably, we have improved the processing speed and accuracy of the sample rate conversion. We have also implemented many workflow improvements suggested by our users, such as mono compatibility check buttons and track reordering per drag and drop.

Acoustica 7 Screenshot


  • Huge improvements in the sample rate conversion processing speed while also improving accuracy.
  • New mono output buttons in both the Processing Chain and in the multitrack master pane allow quick mono compatibility checks
  • The magnitude range in the spectral editor can now be adjusted by clicking and holding down the left mouse key in the intensity legend
  • Tracks can now be reordered using drag and drop in multitrack sessions
  • Added a new menu command to expand time selections to the nearest zero crossings
  • Added support for track number tags (ID3 and RIFF)
  • The maximum plug-in validation time can now be set in the preferences
  • Many smaller improvements and bug fixes (changelog)
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