Acoustica Updated to Version 7.0.41 with Cover Art Support, Saving and Loading of Workspace Layouts and Much More

Just in time for the Holiday Season — we’ve updated Acoustica to version 7.0.41 and implemented many user requests and fixed reported issues. Some of the highlights are listed below:

Acoustica 7 Screenshot

Improvements over Version 7.0.35

  • ID3 attached picture support (covert art)
  • Added the possibility to save and load workspace layouts to files
  • Waveform view now indicates the sampled values as well as the reconstructed waveform at high zoom factors
  • The cursor position is now indicated in the top navigator
  • Added separate “keep original setting” option for sample rate and channel format in batch processor
  • Audio import from additional video formats (m4v, mov, mpeg and wmv on Windows and m4v on Mac)
  • Added new settings in preferences such as playback scroll mode and optional automatic closing of tool windows after clicking the apply button
  • Automatic import of multiple stems files across tracks in one go
  • Optional downscaling of low levels in Level Meter for better read-out accuracy.
  • Added drag & drop reordering of CD tracks
  • Several workflow improvements
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