Acoustica 6.0 Build 10 Released

We have just updated Acoustica 6 to build 10 with the following fixes and enhancements:

  • The next button now gets activated correctly in the restoration wizard (problem was only present in the Premium Edition)
  • Fixed issue with missing phase linear equalizer in the effect chainer (Premium Edition)
  • The equalizer settings are now properly updated when changing frequency band in the phase linear equalizer (Premium Edition)
  • Added possibility to reset all bands in the phase linear equalizer by double clicking the background of the frequency response visualization (Premium Edition)
  • Fixed application freeze when trying to create spectrum with logarithmic scale starting at 0 Hz
  • Slight reduction in the height of DeHum and DeClick to make sure they fit with resolutions down to 800 x 600 pixels (Premium Edition)

You can download the current build from the Acoustica product page.