Acon Digital Restoration Suite Updated to Version 1.0.4

We have just released version 1.0.4 of Acon Digital Restoration Suite. This service update fixes the following issues:

  • The parameter settings were not recalled when opening a project in Ableton Live containing any of the Restoration Suite plug-ins.
  • Acon Digital DeClip did not update the handle bars in the histogram when recalling presets or using automation.
  • Freeze in WaveLab 6 when the demo mode window was shown.
  • The drop-outs in the demo mode are now synchronized to make it easier to evaluate the quality when chaining the plug-ins.
  • When launching the help from the German user interface, the English help was opened.
  • Minor fixes and spelling.

The new version is available from the Restoration Suite product page or our download page.