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Acoustica Premium Edition 6

 GIGA Professional, but user friendly…

Verdict: 5 out of 5 stars


 CHIP With Acoustica Premium 6, Acon Digital offers a sophisticated audio editor for ambitious musicians, pod-casters and sound specialists …
Verdict: Very good (grade 1.4)

CHIP 03 / 2014
 Beat Multitrack functionality and audio restoration are the absolute killer features in Acoustica Premium Edition 6. The audio editor provides everything you need for normal home use.
Verdict: 5 out of 6 points
Price/performance: 6 out of 6 points

Beat 12 / 2013

Acoustica Standard Edition 6

 3D2F.COM The newest version of Acoustica offers tons of improvements related to multi-track editing, audio restoration and sound processing, so if you are thinking about buying your first serious audio editing software, this great tool makes a perfect candidate!


Acoustica Premium Edition 5

 Reviewer's Revival Major League Quality, Minor League Price […] Acoustica 5 Premium is FAST and POWERFUL. This muscular audio champion is laden with an abundant, BEST-IN-CLASS feature-set!

Reviewer’s Revival Blog, April 3rd. 2013
 c't magazin für computer technik Time stretching and pitch shifting in an amazing quality, so that these algorithms can easily compete with the much more expensive competitors from the professional camp. …along with the very successful user interface and professional features also moderate pricing.

c’t Sonderheft, Audio digital 01 / 2012
 c't magazin für computer technik The audio editor Acoustica manages the balancing act between a fresh user interface and a highly intuitive workflow. It offers a number of useful an good sounding processing tools ranging from denoising and EQ to Multi-band compression, and it also supports VST and DirectX plug-ins.

c’t 14/2011
 Beat ​With many detailed improvements Acoustica 5 has now become even more powerful. Also in terms of ease-of-use, the application has developed. For an affordable price, you get the premium version which is a complete, powerful and beginner-friendly package for audio recording and editing with a basic set of solid editing tools and effects.

Beat 6 / 2011
 CHIP ​Acoustica Premium Edition 5 is an allrounder among the music software for sound designers.
Graded: Excellent (in German: “Sehr gut”)

Chip 2011 / 5

Acoustica Standard Edition 5

Beat Acoustica 5 can be recommended with good conscience due to the comprehensive feature set, beginner-friendly user interface and low price.
Grade: 5 out of 5 points
Editor’s price recommendation

Beat 12 / 2012 Acoustica stands, thanks to its rich features and high audio quality, out of the crowd. This program is offered at an extremely attractive price that makes it affordable for beginners and professionals alike.
Software Informer Acoustica Standard Edition 5 received a five star rating and “Editor’s pick” on​
 CHIP online The latest version of Acoustica was greatly improved. The many possibilities of the software are impressive.

CHIP online

Acoustica Basic Edition 5 Acoustica Basic Edition is an application designed for recording, editing and mastering audio. The program offers high sound quality, the bit depth can reach 32 bits and the sampling rate 384 kHz. The application utilizes an advanced editing engine, which ensures that modifying the tracks will not lead to downgrades in audio quality.​ ​Acoustica Basic Edition 5 received a five star ratingfrom the, the primary download resource for Scandinavians.​

Acoustica Premium Edition 4

 c't magazin für computer technik Acoustica [Premium Edition] convinces with professional features, a nice user interface and attractive plug-in support – for a fair price … that with a price less than 100 Euro should be able to make other vendors of powerful audio editing software swet.

c’t 20 / 2008
 Music & PC “Acoustica Premium Edition is a top product which really is hard to beat. It’s rare to find such richly featured editor functions at such a low price, and there are few other audio workshops in this price class capable of making such a high-end impression. As a result, this Premium package is without doubt among the premium class of low-budget editors – a clear recommendation for any ambitious PC music-maker.”

music & PC 06 / 2007
 Sound & Recording “This low-budget, high-performance program offers functionality normally to be found only in much more expensive software. The program provides an astonishingly wide range of features and delivers a high quality standard at a sensational price. Its competitors are really going to have their work cut out.”

sound & recording 11/2007
 c't magazin für computer technik “The Premium version provides impressive additional functions for multi-channel editing up to 7.1. … The real standout attraction of the Premium version lies in its 7.1 features, enabling existing multi-channel recordings … to be edited separately for each channel. But not only that: a basic stereo recording can be magically turned into multi-channel sound by converting the sampling format.”

c’t 17/2007 “The developers’ know-how is also revealed in the extensive range of well-integrated functions packaged with an intuitive interface which is a genuine pleasure to use. Even the filter computing speeds are fast enough to avoid any boring waiting around. So anyone looking to download music editing software that will not immediately cram full the new terabyte hard disk yet still offers great
performance should choose this product. ” – November 2007

Acoustica Standard Edition 4

PC go “Acoustica 4.0 is a richly featured value-for-money audio editor that … produces very good results.”
Very good (87 marks)

PC go! 3/07
Beat “In summary: Acon Digital Acoustica can be heartily recommended, thanks to its rich features, its well-designed, beginner-friendly user interface and the outstanding value for money it offers. The program provides everything you need to get started in audio editing, incorporating all the most commonly used functions. The audio CD burner utility is a particularly useful add-on, with “Disc At Once” mode and ripping of audio tracks from CDs also supported.”6 marks out of 6

Beat 8/9-2007
 KEYS “Acon Digital Media has disproved the old adage that quality always comes at a (high) price. Its Acoustica 4.0 program is a fully featured audio editor retailing at a shareware price … We have rarely seen an audio editor which was so quick and easy to learn and start using, without once having to open up the user manual…The program can do an awful lot for the price, and is recommended for anyone looking to start audio editing straight away, with no lengthy learning curve.”

Keys 1/08
 CHIP “Music with no interference…Acoustica is a good Wave program featuring all the essential filters and effects.”

Chip 2007 / 5
c't magazin für computer technik “Low-cost restoration – The Windows Vista compatible Acoustica 4 audio editor offers an extensive features package at a low price… Acoustica 4 is easy to use and its intuitive, widely customizable user interface offers all the most frequently needed audio editing functions.”

c’t 3/2007
 PC-Welt “Acoustica is a winner.”Overall rating: 2,1

PC Welt 3/2007
Sound on Sound “Acoustica’s user interface is elegant and user-friendly, and it provides an astounding range of high-quality tools for audio editing […] unbelievable value for money.”

– Test report by Martin Walker
Sound on Sound, April 2004
 Electronic Musician “Acoustica is so well thought-out, easy to use and cost-effective that it is difficult to find a single reason not to try it out.”
Download of the Month

Electronic Musician, April 2005
 c't magazin für computer technik “This program is a winner both in terms of features and user-friendliness.”
Group test | Audio editors
Functionality/Quality: Very good

c’t, 3, 2005
 PC & Musik “Acoustica is a versatile and user-friendly audio editor providing very good effects and an excellent package of tools for restoring old recordings.”

PC & Musik, 2, 2005