September 29, 2021

DeVerberate 3 — Reverb Reduction based on Deep Learning

We have just released DeVerberate 3, a plug-in that attenuates unwanted reverb present in recorded audio. The new version includes an entirely new algorithm based on deep learning for fully automatic reverb reduction of recorded dialogue. By training a neural network on thousands of high-quality voice recordings and a wide variety of acoustical surroundings, the artificial intelligence can automatically distinguish dialogue from reverb. The separation works without user interaction and automatically adapts to changes in the reverb characteristics, thus making DeVerberate 3 extremely easy to use.

The reverb reduction algorithm from version 2 is included for music and other audio sources. Additionally, DeVerberate 3 offers an Early Reflections Filter that can attenuate the unpleasant resonances that are frequently encountered in small rooms. All the plug-in parameters are fully automatable.

DeVerberate 3 is available in the Acon Digital Store and the regular price is $99.90 USD for the full version. The upgrade to version 3.x is free of charge if you have Acoustica Post Production Suite or purchased DeVerberate 2.x after June 25th, 2021. Otherwise, the upgrade from earlier versions of DeVerberate costs $49.90 USD. An introductory discount is offered until October 14th, 2021, with the full version available for only $79.90 USD and the upgrade for only $29.90 USD.

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