08 Jun

Restoration Suite 2.1 with Native Support for Apple M1

We have just released version 2.1 of Restoration Suite — our suite of cutting edge plug-ins for audio restoration and noise reduction. The Mac version now runs natively on Apple Silicon processors such as Apple M1. The upgrade is free for Restoration Suite 2 customers and owners of Restoration Suite 1 are entitled to reduced

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16 Apr

Acoustica 7.3 with Native Support for Apple Silicon Released

We have released version 7.3 of Acoustica — our powerful audio editor Acoustica for Windows and Mac. The Mac version now runs natively on Apple Silicon processors such as Apple M1. Acoustica is available in a Premium Edition and a lower cost Standard Edition. The extensive collection of renowned plug-ins included in the Premium Edition

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10 Dec

Extract:Dialogue Plug-in Released

We have released Extract:Dialogue, a plug-in that separates dialogue from common types of background noise such as wind, rustle, traffic, hum, clicks and pops. The algorithm works in real time and is based on a neural network trained on thousands of high-quality voice recordings and an equally extensive set of common noise sources. This extensive

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18 Mar

Working from Home and COVID-19

We know that many of our users are affected by the current virus situation and our thoughts are with you all. For those of you that need to work from home using Acon Digital products, please note that our license agreement allows you to install our software on multiple computers as long you are the

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11 Mar

Acoustica 7.2 with Stem Separation Tools Released

We have released Acoustica 7.2 — our powerful audio editor for Windows and Mac. The Mac version now supports macOS Catalina. Both the Premium and Standard Editions offer a new Remix tool that uses artificial intelligence to split a complete mix in up to five stems. These can then be remixed in real-time. You can

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19 Feb

Discover Mastering Suite 1.1

We have updated our Mastering Suite consisting of five mastering plug-ins to version 1.1. The plug-ins were designed for maximum signal transparency and an intuitive workflow. The macOS version now supports Catalina. Dynamics is a combined compressor, expander or gate with powerful sidechain filtering. Dynamics now offers a new auto-release mode that dynamically changes the

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05 Dec

DeVerberate Updated to Version 2.0.7 with Catalina Support

Our reverb reduction plug-in DeVerberate has been updated to version 2.0.7 and now supports macOS Catalina. Here are some of the highlights of the new version: Ready for macOS Catalina Preset search button Source track name and track color indicated in header if supported by host application Improved early reflections filter when working with stereo

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26 Nov

DeFilter Updated to Version 1.1

Our automatic EQ plug-in DeFilter has been updated to version 1.1. Here are some of the highlights of the new version: Supports the VST3 plug-in format Multichannel support up to 7.1.6 channels Preset search button Ready for macOS Catalina The upgrade is free of charge for DeFilter customers.

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20 Nov

We Celebrate NAMM TEC Awards Nomination with the Free Verberate Basic

Our renowned reverb plug-in Verberate 2 has been announced as a nominee for the 35th Annual NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards in the category of Outstanding Technical Achievement. To celebrate the nomination, we release a free version of Verberate called Verberate Basic along with updates to version 2.1 for the stereo and immersive

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