LoopWorx / Easy to use Music Mixing Software

LoopWorx / Music Mixing Software
LoopWorx is the easy-to-use music mixing software that transforms your computer into a recording studio for groovy sounds. Get creative and produce your own hip hop, dance or rock songs with the extensive sets of built-in loops. With eight tracks, several audio effects, time stretching in great quality and around thousand included loops in one of three available genres there are no limits for your creativity. Create your own compositions, sing live to your songs on the PC and enable your friends to download your songs directly to the MP3 player.

Composing and Recording

  • Record and place audio or drum computer loops on up to 8 audio tracks
  • Includes a large set of loops (around 1000 loops) in one of the following genres:
    • Hip Hop
    • Dance
    • Rock
  • Recording and playback through any windows compatible audio device
  • Unlimited undo and redo levels
  • Loops are automatically adjusted to project tempo (based on the StudioTime time stretching engine)
  • Drum Computer
  • Loop Browser makes it easy to add loops per drag & drop to the project

Tools and Effects

  • Add master or track effects
  • Real-time preview of the effects
  • Preset manager allows you to store user presets for all effect
  • Included Effects
    • High quality reverb
    • Echo
    • Equalizer (six band parametric with frequency response display)
    • Limiter
    • Distortion, simulation of guitar amplifier distorion

Reads and writes the following file formats:

  • Ogg-Vorbis-Format (ogg)
  • Wave Audio-Format (wav)
  • Windows Media Audio (wma)
  • MPEG Layer 3 (mp3)
  • Sun Audio Format (au)

Reads the following file formats:

  • AIFF (Macintosh Audio Files)

Imports audio tracks from the following video file formats:

  • MPEG Video (mpg or mpeg)
  • Windows Media Video (wmv)
  • Audio Video Interleave (avi – additional CODECs may be required)

Before you install LoopWorx, please make sure your computer fulfills the following requirements:

  • A Pentium IV or higher
  • Minimum 256 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • A Windows MME or ASIO compatible sound card
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP